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      Welcome to Sunrise Ranch and Heidiland Kennel where we breed CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
as well as beautiful suri and silky Llamas
       Beautiful female puppy, Heidiland's Elsa  

Cortina enjoys her puppies

  Bernese Mt.Dogs are originally from Switzerland   

We raise Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
in all 4 colours!

Sunrise Cisco Grand Champion Suri Male

Sunrise Cisco  Grand Champion Suri Male

Exiting News about our Llama breeding programm!!!!
We are proud to announce the arrival of the whole herd of Llamas
from Medicine River Suris here at  Sunrise Ranch!
We look forward to work with these high quality Llamas.
News and pictures to follow shortly.

We invite you to take a moment and step into the world of beautiful, gentle Llamas,
great dogs and of course the life on a ranch. On our Llama page, you will find many reasons why people want Llamas and how to care for them.Hopefully you will get some valuable information and when you close our site,
you have fallen in love with a Llama!

A puppy/dog is a wonderful addition to most peoples lifes.
They come in so many shapes
and sizes, but which is the right one for your lifestyle? Please do some reasearch, speak to
breeders and owners about the different needs of a breed before making a final decision.
Remember, a cute little puppy will grow up to be an adult dog that still wants and
needs your love, attention and care!

We encourage interested people to come and spend some time with us and our animals.
Hands on is the best and easiest way of learning! And you can count on our support
after a sale as much as you need it.

 Tessa vom Zuegholz 

Bernese Mountain Dogs


Tricolor and Blenheim color Cavalier puppies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Our Home In Late Fall

Our Home in Late Fall

  Our  Dogs

   Berner Fun Day  Carting    Trixie, black and tan Cavalier  Tessas B litter  
 Tessa with son Sam  Heidilands Bianca Heidilands Cedona        9 weeks old Blenheim Cavalier puppy  beautiful male Bernese puppy



Our  Llamas

 WSL Cusco  Canadian Chick  M&W Fiona  Sunrise Fire and Ice  Impression  Peruvian K-Tu    Mona Lisa
 Leading Ladies Etnie  K-Tu front  Sunrise Sambuca on Ice  Sunrise Lasting Impression  Sunrise Shirocco  Sunrise Icecap  CL Hottie Tottie  Sunrise What a Joy
 Sunrise Double the Joy  2 Sunrise Grand Champions  MMR Miramichi  Sunrise Leading the Way  Sunrise Picasso      

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