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Bernese Mountain Dog




          Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Information

The Bernese Mountain dog is a working dog of Swiss origin. The Swiss name for the breed is 'Berner Sennenhund'. They were used to pull the carts of the dairy farmers and served as companions and guardians on the farms.

Males are 59 - 69 cm at the withers, females 56 - 66 cm and weights are in the range of
32 - 50 kg. The breed is stocky, large-boned and well balanced. The coat is of medium length, thick, soft and has a natural sheen.

The temperament of this breed is, without doubt, its greatest attribute, and a Bernese Mountain Dog’s personality will develop full and ideally only if the dog is allowed lots of human companionship. Typically, the Bernese forms strong attachments to the human family.

Striking and distinctive in appearance, he is a totally natural dog. He is hardy, loyal, and eager to please -- an ideal companion dog!


                                                                                                                            Our Bernese Mountain Dogs 

Our first Bernese Mountain Dog was
"Tessa von Zuegholz"
Tessa came to us from Switzerland. Thank you to the
Walters who have bred and raised this wonderful female! We enjoyed having 3 litters from Tessa.

Thank you to all the people that have adopted one of the
puppies. Knowing they all went to loving and caring homes means a lot to us!
Tessa is now retired from breeding and  enjoys
her life on the ranch. She still helps out with raising
puppies as a loving "grandma".

Tessa v. Zuegholz

Tessa vom Zuegholz

Sire: Valko v. Birkenhof
Dam: Bessy vom Muehlehof
DOB: March 19. 2003





Tessa and Bianca 


Tessa with her daughter Bianca 


Tessa with her B-litter, 12 beautiful puppies

Tessa was a wonderful mom

Mes Pattes Ours Cortina
Sire: Frederick's Grognon
Dam: Coeurvaillant Shady
Febr. 21. 2009

Cortina joined our dog family in May 2009
We had lots of fun with this energetic
puppy and enjoyed watching her grow
into the beautiful young Lady she is now.

puppy Cortina in action

Cortina at 5 months

Cortinas can. Champion picture

May 2010
Cortina is now a can. Champion!

Well done girl, we are proud of you.

Our thanks go to Ingrid Winkler for
handling Cortina for us at the shows!

Tessa and Cortina

Tessa watches out for young Cortina

After a day of hard work in the garden.........

Tessa enjoys an afternoon in the shade

what a bunch!

Tessa's "B" litter
12 beautiful puppies from Schauinsland's
Akim, called Bomber

Tessa with male puppy Sam

Tessa with son Sam

Waiting for Christmas

Waiting for Christmas!


Cortina had a litter of 4 beautiful
puppies in 2012
from Keytano vom Stieracker.

Thank you and congratulations
to all new owners!






























































































Our puppies

Our Bernese puppies are born and raised in our house where they stay for the first 3 - 4 weeks. After that, the little Furballs are anxious to move outside where they have an insulated house and a large, fenced area.
There is so much to explore,
 new things and smells, other dogs and animals, noises to get used to and
people coming for visits!

Hurray, our "F" litter was born on
July 17. 2011
Heidilands Dakota had
11 beautiful puppies!!!

We wish the new owners all the best with their puppies.

Elsa's first day in her new home in Manitoba



Dream big, puppy!


 Sire Schauinslands Akim aka Bomber
Dad Bomber and son Booker
Tessa - Bomber litter

Daddy takes us out for a ride in his cart
Daddy Bomber is proud to take the kids
for a ride in his own cart

Heidiland's Dawson
Bianca - Chinook 2009
Now owned and loved by Amy and Kyle
in Fort McMurray


Heidiland's Destinguish the Fire
aka Pyro
Bianca - Chinook 2009
Now owned and loved by the Hatch family



Our first field trip was sooo much fun!


Beautiful male puppy from Tessa's first litter









Welcome to our newest additon
to the Heidiland crew

Luna v.d. Muehlehof

Sire: Walko vom Kleinholz
Dam: Raya vom Worblental
DOB: May 9. 2010

We would like to thank the Buri's from Switzerland for raising Luna and
sending her here to live with us.
Luna is a big, strong girl with a sweet temperament.
 Luna at 11 weeks

  Luna v.d. Muehlehof 

Luna at 11 weeks

Our Baby is growing fast, here she is already 6 month old




In Memory of Heidiland's Bianca  

June 16. 2006 - June 28. 2009


Tessa v. Zuegholz-Schauinsland's Akim
We sadly lost our dear Bianca due to complications
during the birth of her first litter.

A beautiful dog with such a loving temperament,
we miss her and will always remember her!

             Heidilands Bianca 2006 - 2009
Ruth has always loved small animals and with all this space we have here on theRanch, it seemed just perfect to start breeding dogs. So we decided on the breeds "Bernese Mountain Dogs"and "Cavalier King Charles Spaniels".

"We met some great people, some became dear friends through our Llamas and dogs and finally, we felt at home, even if our Swiss accent will always be a part of us!"

Why, even the dogs get into teaching each other

Click HERE
to see the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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