Sunrise Ranch
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Llama Females           We only show a small selection of our female Llamas on this page
                                                              to keep it at a reasonable length. If you don't see here what you are looking
                                                              for, please let us know. We might have just the right girl for you!




 Sunrise Icecap

 Sold to Magic Valley Llamas in Idaho    Sold to Bolt Mountain Llamas in  Oregon
 Thank you Dan & Louise Nofziger    Thank you Allen & Liz Victor

Sunrise Zenyatta

Sire: Peruvian K-Tu
Dam: Impression
DOB: Aug. 10. 2010
ILR: 283077

Zenyatta is a stylish young Lady with good size
and soft suri fibre.
Her mom had several suri offspring, each one was
different in colour!
Zenyatta will be bred this spring.


 Lasting Impression
Thank you Meri and Jarmo Virtanen

Zenyatta is for sale





 Mona Lisa

Fiona is sold
to Blue Creek Llamas and Alpacas

Thank you and

Congratulations to Peggie McRobbie
in BC


Sire: Nobility's Highlander
Dam: DLA Minuet
DOB: April 10, 2001
CLAA: 24639
ILR: 236208

With her stretch, size and presence, Mona Lisa has won two shows. Now she is one of our strong producers for elegant and stylish crias with silky and also suri fiber, like her son "Picasso" who is now living in Ontario.
Mona Lisa had a stunning suri female cria from K-Tu in December!
New pictures of this little Beauty are
coming soon


Andean Chiri Jubilee

Canadian Chick

Sire: FFF Chiri Colipe
Dam: Chilean Santina
DOB: Aug. 10. 2007

ILR: 273765

This is the tallest Llama on our ranch! Jubilee measures 45 inches at the withers and 72,5 at the poll! She is a real sweetheart and is really easy going.
            She had a gorgeous female cria from
K-Tu on Sept. 1. 2012
Pictures of her will follow soon. 


Can. Chick is sold

to Blue Creek Llamas and Alpacas

Thank you and

congratulations to

Peggie Mc Robbie, BC

Fiesta winning Supreme Champion as a yuvenile 

 Double the Joy
Thank you to the Nofzigers from Idaho

 Sunrise Fiesta Mexicana

Sire: Peruvian K-Tu
Dam: M&W Fiona
DOB: Sept. 01. 2008
ILR # 278278

This young girl is fantastic! She won Supreme Champion
in August 09 in Dawson Creek and Res. Champion in Aug. 09 in Red Deer, all as a juvenile! 

Fiesta Mexicana is sold to Misty Morn Llamas
Congratulations and thank you
to Karen Caldwell, Ontario! 

Northwest Katrina 
Northwest Katrina

sold to Blue Creek Llamas and Alpacas
thank you Peggie McRobbie, BC

Sunwood Amanda

Sire:  LL Baraka
Dam: Sultress
DOB: Aug. 9. 2001
ILR 262772

Amanda is the tallest Llama in our
herd. She is a wonderful producer
with several outstanding offspring
on the ground. Her son "Northwest
Manly One" can be viewed on our male page and
"Twilight Mist" is another beautiful
offspring of Amanda.
            We decided to give Amanda a "Baby-break"
   but will breed her again in 2013

  Twilight Mist

Dam:  Sunwood Amanda
Sire: Peruvian K-Tu
DOB: July 16. 2010

This beautiful young Lady is another fine
example of what kind of offspring Amanda
and K-Tu can produce!
She has everything, size, strech,
colour and beauitful fibre.


Thank you Karen Caldwell
of Misty Morn Llamas!

Argentina as yearling in Aug. 09     Pocahontas head shot 
Northwest Argentina 

Sire:   SSRMT Leonardo
Dam:   Northwest Misty
DOB:  July 23. 2008
ILR:  275808

Argentina is sold.
Thank you to Karen Caldwell of Misty Morn Farms in Ontairo!
  Sunrise Pocahontas 

 Sire :  Peruvian K-Tu
Dam:   Impression
DOB:  Aug. 28. 2008
ILR:  278281

Awesome reverse appy female!

Pocahontas is sold.
Thank you Peggie McRobbie!
Sudden Attraction as a yearling     
Sudden Attraction

Sire: Sudden Impact
Dam: White Star's Yukonna
DOB: May 23. 2004
ILR 278291
CLAA 29855

This female has wonderful, soft and silky fiber.
Her cria from K-Tu in 2009 has exeeded all our hopes and
dreams! She really is one of a kind.

Make sure to check out Sudden Attractions girl
"Sudden Mist" on our cria page!

Sudden Attraction had a stunning
brown/black male cria in July 2012
from a black suri male.
This youngster looks very promissing!


Sunrise Sensation

Sire: Peruvian K-Tu
Dam: MMR Selena
DOB: Sept. 4. 2009
ILR: eligible

Sensation is a stunning suri female
with flashy colours and a wonderful
disposition. Big, strong yearling
that will do great as a show Llama.
Her mother has won several shows as a yearling, incl. Grand-and Reserve Champion. So the potential in this young girl is here!

Sunrise Sensation is sold!

Thank you and congratulations to Jessica Harason, Ont.


Hillcrest Tavia 

Sire: Chile Bronsky
Dam: Chrisda's Lasting Impression
DOB: April 8. 2000
ILR: 24446
CLAA: 21744

Tavia is a gentle, big female. She carries some of the old bloodlines like Chile Bronsky and Magic Juan. Her fleece is extremely dense and lustrous.

Tavia had a stunning female cria from
"Case Fire" on July 8. 2010


        This sweet and gentle female is now sold, together with her 2012 male cria.
Thank you Terry and family.


Tavia's female cria
here 1 day old

This little girl is truly one of a kind!
Her size, her colours and
her presence as a one day
old baby is hard to find.

If you are looking to add a special
cria to your herd this year,
this will be the one!

This sweet young female is sold!

Thank you and congratulations to
Jessica Harason, Ont.

HCLR Freedom
This beautiful paint girl is

Congratulations to Caren Caldwell
of Misty Morn Llamas in Ontario!


Sire: Peruvian Azarro
Dam: VLA Mona Lisa
ILR 250935
CLAA 27587
DOB: Aug. 17. 2003

Lovely paint female, grey-black with a white
tuxedo and white socks.
Azari's sire is a beautiful black and white
suri stud, mom is our tall double coat
female Mona Lisa.

Azari had a nice suri girl in July 2012
from our male "Milano".

Azari is for sale

Northwest Misty                      WSL Sashay 

Northwest Misty 

Sire: MMR Sunray
Dam: Gypsy Lass
DOB: May 9. 2002
ILR: 250669
CLAA: 27095

What a color combination this girl is wearing! And she is always smiling.......
Misty is a great mom and always raises a
big, strong cria!

She had a gorgeous brown/white male cria in
2011 from K-Tu
Now Misty is bred tou our stunning
appaloosa suri male "WF Divine Fire"
for a cria in August 2012

We expected this cria to be very
special and he sure is!
It's a very flashy appaloosa male

  White Star's Sashay 

Sire: Peruvian Keno
Dam: GC Ultress
DOB: March 20. 2001
ILR: 235680
CLAA: 23730

Stunning suri fleece in the most beautiful colors, combined with
a sweet disposition - this is Sashay!
And what a cira she delivered from The Nebraskan.
Check that girl out on our cria page!
  Sashay is enjoying her current baby-break and
will be bred in spring 2013
Over the years, we had added some new bloodlines, especially suris, and today, we are proud to say we have a great selection of beautiful Llamas!

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