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Llama Males


Our breeding males and some of our future herdsires




MSE Milano


Sunrise Cisco


Sire: Peruvian Karlos
Dam: WCR Raicy
DOB: Sept. 16. 2006
ILR: 271760

We were very pleased to add this beautiful new boy to our crew in 2011. Milano has great conformation and ears to die for!!! His first crias on our ranch are due in the summer of 2012

Sire: WSL Cusco
Dam: White Star's Yukonna
DOB: June 9, 2005
CLAA: 31013
ILR: 263664

Cisco is a very well balanced, proud suri male! He won several Reserved Champions and Grand Champion at the Gold-Suri-Llama-Futurity 2007 in Salmon Arm. We would like to thank the judge, Victoria Miller, for recoginzing the quality of this young stud!  He is keured and registered with the Suri Llama Assoc.

K-Tu Front picture

Peruvian K-Tu
 not for sale

K-Tu in full fleece

Peruvian K-Tu in full fleece
and shorn

Sire: Kantu
Dam: Futura
DOB: Sept. 9, 1999
CLAA: 21974
ILR: 213517

We were very exited to welcome this exeptional stud to our herd in spring of 2007! K-Tu is one of the most stylish and proud Llamas we have ever seen. His high luster suri fiber is dragging on the ground! His offspring have done very well in the showring with several Grand Champion titles as well as get of sire titles in suri classes.
Our hopes were high for his
cria's this summer, but they have exceeded all our expectations!
The luster in these suri fleeces is just amazing. We invite you to take a look at the cria section.

side picture of K-tu shorn




Northwest Manly One, Aug. 2009

WSL Cusco


                    Northwest Manly One


Sire: Peruvian Keno
Dam: WLR Dancy’s Dream
DOB: Aug. 11. 2001
CLAA: 23722
ILR: 235696

We are very pleased with Cusco’s offspring. they have done very well in the showring with Grand Champion titels in suri and silky classes. Sambuca on Ice and Red Alert, two Cusco sons, winning Grand Champion on the same
day! Another great son of Cusco is Sunrise
Cisco, a multiple Res. Champion and Grand

         Sire:   WWLC Peruvian Mercury Rising
         Dam:  Sunwood Amanda
         DOB:   July 7. 2008
         ILR:    275811

         What an amazing guy this is! He is huge and has bones    
         like no other Llama on our farm. If you are looking for size
         in your breeding programm, this is The Male for you!
         He won Res. Champion as a yearling and we plan to show
         him again this year.
         Manly One comes from a line of outstanding Llamas, his sire
         has many offspring that were in the highest selling Llamas at
         the Celebrity sale. 
         His dam, Amanda, is the tallest of our Llamas with 47 inches
         at the withers.

         Please contact us for information on Manly One.

Case Fire side picture Case Fire Front
Case Fire 

Sire: PME Firefrost
Dam: MRS Rosasha
DOB: Sept. 22. 2005
ILR: 269704
CLAA: 34260

This male has the most beautiful suri fleece! It drapes down in thight, silky feeling locks  and is dripping with luster. His first crias were born last summer. Take a look at Wind Dancer's boy, Cruiseline and Catalina's girl and see for yourself what awesome crias they are! All three have the
same lustrous, silky feeling suri fleeces.
Case Fire is now enjoying his life in beautiful Bayern, Germany
thank you Conny Sprink for the purchase of this wonderful male!

Amaretto 2 

Sire: Peruvian Firemaker
Dam: HCLR Adoraletto
DOB: June 22. 2008
ILR: 277005

This young male has incredible suri fiber! His long, silky locks are very fine and tight. In his pedigree you will find some pretty famous Llamas like Peruvian Firebolt, a Peruvian Keno son on the top side and  Chileno Canaletto II on the bottom side.
Lots of suri generation that show through in this boys fiber!
Amaretto is for sale and will make a great suri herdsire.

  Sunrise Fire Dancer

Sire:  Case Fire
Dam: Maybelle's Wind Dancer
DOB: July 17. 2009
ILR: 283075

Fire Dancer is a stunning young suri male with
wonderful soft fibre that has lots of luster.
He placed Res. Champion male in his only show as a yearling
in Dawson Creek.
He has gotten even better with growing up and has
settled some females this summer.
We can hardly wait to see his crias on the ground!


Amaretto is now living in Germany, enjoying his new Llama-Ladies and to go on Trekking tours!

Thank you Alexandra and Frank Messing. We hope you will get some great crias from him next year!

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