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The following resources may help you develop a greater understanding of our animal companions. There is much to discover!

NOTE: The information contained in these notes are not a substitute for professional veterinary care. 



Llama Care

Llamas are often touted as “easy care” animals.

But this doesn't mean “no” care. All animals should be checked at least daily, to see that they have fresh water, adequate food, shelter, and receive veterinarian attention if necessary.

If you are interested in getting more information on the "Care of Llamas", please register below and we will email you a PDF of Llama Care.

Some Interesting Information Regarding Llamas.


 A single acre can accommodate two or three llamas. Llamas are modified ruminants with a three-compartment stomach; they chew their cud. They will graze grass and browse trees and bushes. Because of a relatively low protein requirement (about 12%), due to their efficient digestive system, they can live on a variety of pastures. They also like to eat hay and grain, and usually require free access to a source of loose salt and minerals, as not all llamas will use a salt block. Consult with your local veterinarian about any local mineral deficiency i.e. Copper or Selenium.

 There are so many reasons why people have Llamas:

Llamas are very versatile, their friendly and quite nature makes them so attractive as pets but most owners are interested in raising and selling breeding stock.

One of the best ways to promote a breeding programm is the Llama shows. Llama shows are very popular all over North America. That’s the place to build relationships with other breeders and meet interested people, plus you can earn nice ribbons or even price money!

One other very important reason to have Llamas is their exquisite, fine fiber! It is much warmer than wool, very fine and not itchy. Llama fiber is also called hair. It contains no lanolin wich makes them easy to wear for people with allergies. Llama fiber can be processed in professional mills but it’s also thought after by hand spinners, weavers, knitters, it’s excellent for felting and all kind of crafts.

Llamas also make excellent pack animals. They are friendly and quiet companions for hikers and love the outdoors as much as you do. Most people know about the ability of a Llama to guard smaller animals like sheep or goats. And some Llamas have been very successful as therapie animals and in 4H clubs.

More detailed questions on raising Llamas?
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. A visit at the ranch is also a good idea to get to know the wonderful world of Llamas!


Llama Care Registration Form

Please complete this form and upon submission, we will send you a PDF of the "Care of Llamas" Thank you for your concern for these beautiful animals.

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